July 12, 2012

5 ways to turn your YouTube views into sales and traffic

What has your YouTube channel done for you lately?

Deltina HayYou followed the advice of the experts and created a YouTube channel. You even produced and uploaded some videos. Now you watch the numbers grow as YouTubers view your videos and subscribe to your channel.

But what do numbers matter to your business if they don’t convert to sales or leads?

YouTube visitors tend to convert and click deeper into websites than visitors from other social sites. Are you taking full advantage of this motivated audience?

Here are some tactics to help your YouTube channel and videos drive more traffic and generate more sales.

Optimize your YouTube channel

Do you know about all the goodies you can add to your YouTube channel? A couple of these goodies include adding links to your website and other social media accounts and linking your YouTube channel to your Google Plus profile.

Optimizing your YouTube channel helps your presence look more professional and encourages links to landing pages, product pages, and other places you want to drive traffic.

Customize your YouTube channel

It’s not that difficult to customize your YouTube channel to make it stand out from the crowd. Customizing your channel with a branded background sends a distinct message to visitors: that you take pride in what you produce and your videos are worth their time.

At top is a video that walks you through how to customize your background using templates. Continue reading