July 19, 2009

FasterWeb: Making sites perform 2 to 10 times faster

Ayelet NoffIf you listen to Google (and these days who doesn’t?), speed is everything on the Web. “Page load times are the critical metric,” says Marissa Mayer, Google’s SVP for search.

She says the entire basis for Google’s success was their emphasis on extremely fast page loads way back in the dial-up era when the Web loaded line by line. Many more companies and Web standards organizations have followed Google’s lead, and I don’t think there is an infrastructure issue more crucial to any major consumer or business Web service.

Tools like Google’s Web accelerator Toolbar, and AOL’s TopSpeedhave been around for a while. Today my friend Yoav Lietersdorf, managing partner of YL Ventures, informed me of the announcement of a brand new player in the field: Israel-based FasterWeb, which claims to have a new technology that can make a site perform two to 10 times faster.

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