December 8, 2009

Will Twitter suffer the same fate as Netscape?

Ayelet NoffYesterday I attended Jeff Pulver‘s 140 Conference in Tel Aviv. I really enjoyed @thekotel‘s presentation, which unfortunately I didn’t film — go to the twitter profile and check it out. Alon Nir is doing a remarkable job there.

140charactersconfThe lecture I enjoyed in particular was Yedda CTO Yaniv Golan’s “The 140-characters Netscape,” where he said:

“I believe that in two years the Twitter brand will be in the same position as the Netscape brand is in now: Twitter will be credited with starting the revolution, and paving the road for followers. But at the same time, it will be pushed into a minor position in the market with other players taking the lead or, as is the case with Netscape, will no longer exist.” Continue reading