March 21, 2009

Online slide shows that sing

JD LasicaWe’re continuing to experiment with offering the latest, most useful set of tools and resources around social media while making robust use of WordPress plug-ins. So you’ll see additional changes here in the coming days and months.

One widget we like is from, which can be configured as a vertical or horizontal widget. (A widget is simply a piece of software code that runs independently and does something useful, like bring you the latest news headlines.)

Today, hosted Presentation Camp, the first of a series of Barcamps on the subject of online slideshows (motto: “no more death by PowerPoint”). I had hoped to attend the event, held at Slideshare’s headquarters in San Francisco, but am too far behind on a number of project deadlines. But you can follow the tweets from those in attendance at Twitter Search.

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March 19, 2009

Netvibes: The widget factory

JD LasicaHere’s a recent interview I did with Netvibes CEO Freddy Mini in the company’s San Francisco offices. Widgets (little pieces of code that bring in real-time data) are becoming increasingly important in the Web 2.0 world — to individuals, companies and organizations — and Netvibes has been an early pioneer in the field.

Netvibes provides widgets and personalized start pages to 2.5 million active users. You can access 146,970 different widgets — all free — in the Netvibes Ecosystem section. Many widgets have only a small, tightly focused readership, but others have broader appeal. For example, the Technology Review widget, featuring headlines and images that accompany recent articles, has had 657,077 installs. (If you’re logged into Netvibes, you can install it here.)

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