November 15, 2009

Guy Kawasaki’s top Twitter tips for businesses

David SparkAfter a hit presentation at The CMO [Chief Marketing Officer] Club Summit in San Francisco on how to kick ass on Twitter, I asked Guy Kawasaki if he could go over his top three “must do” tips for businesses that want to get engaged on Twitter. One of his tips is to respond to everyone who @ replies you on Twitter. That is really good advice, but I must admit that I’m really bad at replying back to all the people who @ reply me. Most of it has to do with the fact that I don’t want to just say “Thanks for acknowledging me.” I’d want to add some value. And one of my rules on Twitter is that all tweets have to make sense and have substance within themselves (read: “My personal Twitter policy. What’s yours?”.

My two questions for readers:

1. Do you respond to everyone who @ replies you? And if you do, do you say something of substance that would be of value to your other followers? Or do you just simply publicly say, “Thank you”? Or, do you send a direct message instead and say, “Thank you”?

2. I brought up the subject of Twitter actually being lame traffic in that the time people spend on your blog from Twitter traffic is very low compared to other traffic. Kawasaki skirted the question, but I was hoping readers could answer the question. Have you had similar experiences with Twitter traffic? And do you think that the focus on Twitter traffic is just everyone jumping on the Twitter bandwagon without anyone stopping to analyze the value of that traffic?

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