April 10, 2014

Build a video SEO strategy for your brand


Defining and executing a goal-driven strategy

This article originally appeared at Moz and is republished with permission.

Guest post by Phil Nottingham
Video expert, Distilled

philnottinghamThe core tactics of technical Video SEO are pretty easy to pick up. You can read through the bulk of what there is to know about getting rich snippetsoptimizing for YouTube, and driving links back to your site within a couple of hours.

While advice on these tactics will adjust and evolve as new technologies and iterations of the algorithm are released, there is an evergreen side to video marketing; one that both SEOs and creative marketers consistently fail to comprehend. And that is …

Defining and implementing a goal-driven strategy

Creative agencies often fail at this, simply because they don’t know how SEO works. Most creatives don’t understand the full consequence of embeds or pointing to YouTube and Vimeo rather than to a company’s site. Typically they don’t understand how to get rich snippets, and so typically fail to get companies the SEO benefit due to them for the content they invest in. Continue reading