October 31, 2012

How to use content communities to expand your brand’s reach

Use targeted content to take your business to the next level

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• Build links to your site with video content

Guest post by Julianne Staino

“Content is king!” Ah, the wonderfully overused statement that makes me want to throw my monitor at the wall and then hang my head in shame because it’s actually true. I feel like I can safely assume that we can all agree on the increasing importance of awesome content. Recently, it seems like everyone is championing for companies to evolve the way in which they approach creating content. (e.g. Coca-Cola’s 2020 content strategy. If you haven’t watched these videos, I’d highly recommend investing 20 minutes in order to see how big brands are changing the way they think about a cohesive marketing strategy.)

Besides the obvious SEO benefits to having original content, engaging material also helps your customers remember your brand. So having things people find interesting on your site makes it more likely for them to come back. Continue reading

March 4, 2009

The social media fallacy

David SparkOne of my pet peeves about the topic of social media is it almost always revolves around “the conversation” and “the tools that enable conversation.” While that is all useful, and it’s the part of social media that excites everyone, I get the sense that people are forgetting that social media is first and foremost about media. And for any conversation to begin, you have to have something to talk about.

Last year I gave a short presentation to the Silicon Valley American Marketing Association (SVAMA) about what I call The Social Media Fallacy. I argued — and still do — that the way social media is being sold to us through the general media and social media consultancies is misleading. Most often the focus is always on the last stage of the publishing process-distribution. The big story that’s repeatedly sidestepped is that social media should first be about the process of creating great editorial content.

I put together this 6-minute narrated Slideshare presentation to debunk the traditional way social media is being sold and offer a more sane and logical approach to developing industry voice to grow your business, using social media.

I’m interested to know your opinion. Do you agree/disagree this is how it’s being sold and do you believe/not believe that the social media evangelists are sidestepping the issue of content?

February 26, 2009

TheCrane.tv: The first online video magazine

Ayelet NoffLast month at the DLD conference I had the opportunity to speak to Constantin Bjerke, founder of TheCrane.tv.  TheCrane.tv is a new online video magazine all about contemporary culture that is set to launch in March and plans to feature high caliber content on the topics of Culture, Art & Design, Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, Ideas and “Green”/Ecology around the globe.  TheCrane.tv hopes to raise the bar for superior video content on the Web with what they are referring to as ”Talent Generated Content.”  Constantin describes Talent Generated Content by saying that all of the site’s content ”is produced by people that actually know what they’re doing, both in terms of quality of the film and in terms of the content.”  Creatives from around the world are invited to share their films, videos and animations on any of the forementioned topics.  TheCrane.tv is a unique magazine because it is completely video based.  You don’t have to read articles but can simply “sit back and enjoy the ride” as Constantin puts it.

Aside from offering high quality, high caliber content, TheCrane.tv will also serve as a platform for talented video and filmmakers to showcase their talent and advance their careers.  Contributors can use the site to find an audience, network with like-minded creatives from around the world, share ideas, collaborate and inspire one another.  Additionally, the site is currently in negotiations for a mobile video distribution deal via 3G networks and has several TV and other distribution deals in the works as well.  TheCrane.tv also offers contributors the opportunity to make money through revenue share.
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