June 12, 2012

Don’t roll your eyes at social media influencers

Why insincerity doesn’t work in PR, sales, marketing & online media

Chris AbrahamI experience a lot of contempt for bloggers and social media influencers. From agencies and marketing firms as well as from self-professed social media experts and social media gurus. Bloggers and other social media online influencers may not know who Edward Bernays is or have the lingua franca of a trained communications professional, but they sure can spot the eye roll of condescension and contempt from a mile away, even through the terse messaging of a single pitch.

While the biggest brands with the biggest gifts and social cachet can get away with being douche bags and intolerable asses because the level of peer and personal prestige and importance more than compensate for bad manners, rudeness, and a condescending manner — the proverbial upturned nose and eye roll — this sort of behavior isn’t acceptable from anyone but the crown king and queen of their particular demographic. Continue reading

February 16, 2012

A different kind of Valentine

Ayelet NoffTired of getting the same old flowers every Valentine’s Day? Sick of paying an arm and a leg for that bouquet of roses? This year a few companies offered some unique and innovative ideas to help consumers give something different to their loved one this year.

In the age of the internet, social media and mobile applications, the possibilities for such campaigns are endless. Let’s take a look a few of the coolest Valentine’s Day campaigns from this year:


1Using QR (Quick Response) Codes as a tool for consumers has taken the world by storm. By the simple swipe of a smartphone a person could receive a coupon, save a company’s information or find out more about a product. On Valentine’s Day, Elite Café locations all around Israel hung up posters that read, “Ever wondered what to get for Valentine’s Day?” and included a very large QR code. Unknowing passersby curiously swiped the QR code with their smartphones, only to find out that they had won a romantic box of chocolate for them or their loved ones.

The reactions alone are enough to make you smile.  Can you feel Strauss’s love?


2Starbucks also capitalized on the new marketing opportunities that smarphones offer.  On this Valentine’s Day, Starbucks customers were able to utilize a special app that allowed them to create personalized eCards for their Valentine. When the recipient hovered his or her smartphone over their Valentine’s Day themed coffee cup, the flower image on the cup would flutter away and the chosen text would appear.

Nothing says I love you like a hot cup of coffee, right? Continue reading