October 10, 2013

How social media has changed TV advertising

Image by Geico Insurance

Ad campaigns now often feature ‘second screen’ integration

Target audience: Marketing professionals, SEO specialists, social media managers, businesses, brands, Facebook administrators.

Guest post by Joseph Stark

joseph-starkSocial media didn’t just explode onto the scene over the past six years or so. In fact, it has been steadily gaining steam and heating up for the past two decades. Social networking options like SixDegrees.com and AOL Instant Messenger have been around since personal Internet access became a widespread concept in the early to mid-1990s. It’s a new development, however, that marketing campaigns are focusing their efforts on social media and capitalizing on it in a big way.

Watching television isn’t simply a matter of watching television anymore, and advertisers are taking note. People used to interact with TV through water cooler conversations about football games and plot twists, but the market has become increasingly segmented, and advertisers are now aiming to engage consumers through their viewing patterns — and social media habits. Continue reading