September 16, 2009

Photos from TechCrunch 50

Healthy Wage

JD LasicaCouldn’t be at TechCrunch 50, one of the biggest tech conferences of the year, the past two days? Here’s a 70-photo Flickr set to make you feel as if you were there (almost).

One of the startups that may not have a great business model but makes a very cool Web 2.0 tool is Duffel at With Duffel, you can clip bits and pieces of your “travel adventure” from any website and then visually plot out your travel plans for a city, ranging from details on your flight to hotels, meals and sight-seeing, all done with an interface that resembles a sticky note on a corkboard. It’s free — and very swift.

June 4, 2009

WorldMate comes to the iPhone


Ayelet NoffWorldMate is huge in the mobile world — it first started as a Palm OS app back in 2000. Then, as today, they realized that “travel = mobile” and so it made sense to build a mobile application for travelers.

WorldMate had an innovative approach and built what was the industry’s first on-device portal with a myriad of travel content for online/offline use. WorldMate was so successful that many PDA/Smartphone makers, including Nokia, Palm, HP, and Sony Ericsson, pre-installed it on their devices. More than 3 million people use WorldMate across the Symbian, BlackBerry, Palm OS and Windows Mobile platforms. 

But that was then when making mobile apps meant being pre-installed on a pre-sale phone. The world has moved on since the launch of the iPhone to a new world of online application stores. Now, right before the expected launch of iPhone 3.0, WorldMate has come to the iPhone app store. Continue reading