July 23, 2009

The ad agency’s dilemma – convincing clients to engage in social media

David SparkOn day three of my Toronto social media road show for Intertainment Media (owners of the branded softphone, itiBiti), I visited two different ad agencies, PHD and OMD.

Business Conversation
During my discussions, both agencies had made some simple efforts with their clients to engage in social media, but their clients still remained stagnant when it came to long term committed engagements. Here are a few examples of the roadblocks that came up in our conversation:

  • Had a hard time explaining that a social media effort, unlike an advertising campaign, doesn’t begin and end in six weeks.
  • Every effort requires levels of reviews before anything can be publicly published.
  • Can’t even consider a social media campaign unless they can first show ROI.
  • Afraid of how they’re supposed to respond once they’re engaged.
  • Testing in social media isn’t the same thing as an advertising test.

If your agency is facing many of the same issues with your clients, here are some suggested ways to respond to these common roadblocks:

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