July 14, 2009

World Technology Summit & Awards


JD LasicaI had hoped to attend the World Technology Summit & Awards taking place Wednesday and Thursday in Manhattan, but between last week’s trip to the UK and next week’s trip to Los Angeles, I couldn’t manage another long trip right now.

Still, I’m honored to be among the nominees for the 2009 World Technology Award for Media and Journalism:

Timur Aitov, ITAR-TASS
Josh Bernoff, Forrester Research
Keith Cowing, NASA Watch / SpaceRef / OnOrbit
Rene Daalder, American Scenes Inc
Rebecca Fannin, Silicon Dragon & AVCJ
Dan Farber, Cnet
Michael S. Gazzaniga, University of California
JD Lasica, writer
Steven Levy, Wired
Charlene Li, Altimeter Group
Jared Lipworth, Thirteen/WNET New York
Dan Medovnikov, Valeriy Fadeev, and Irik Imamutdinov, Expert Magazine
Michael Rogers, The New York Times
Jim Romenesko, The Poynter Institute for Media Studies
Paul Steiger, ProPublica
Kinsey Wilson, NPR Digital Media

This year’s theme is “How to save the future.” Other nominees include Thomas Friedman, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Rod Beckstrom, Dean Kamen, Olympia Snowe, Julius Genachowski, Ben Stein, Tim Berners-Lee and Matt Mullenweg.

I had heard about the Summit and awards program in past years, largely because I know some of the past winners and nominees, including Craig Newmark, Dewayne Hendricks, Ted Cohen, Tim Westergren, Chad Hurley, Jeff Skoll, Al Gore, Elon Musk (all 2006 honorees) and Dan Gillmor.

The gathering is put on each year by the World Technology Network in association with Time magazine, NASDAQ, Fortune magazine, the Mayo Clinic, Science magazine and New York Academy of Sciences, among others. The two-day summit at the Time & Life Building concludes with a black-tie awards gala ceremony to honor “the most innovative and impactful people” in the worlds of science, technology and tech media.

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July 13, 2009

Meghan Asha on highlights of Traveling Geeks UK

Meghan Asha on technology & the Traveling Geeks from JD Lasica on Vimeo.

JD LasicaI‘m back from my trip to London and Cambridge with the Traveling Geeks — I was the chief organizer of this second annual event — and I’m still going through withdrawal pains after all the amazing encounters we had.

One of the people I most enjoyed spending time with was the amazing Meghan Asha, founder of NonSociety.com, whom I interviewed last fall at a very loud TechCrunch 50. If there’s not a Meghan Asha fan club out there, I just may form one.

On Saturday afternoon, at the conclusion of the trip, I chatted with Meghan for 8 minutes as she sat on a lion statue outside the Fitzwilliam Museum. Topics included technology and women, privacy issues and highlights of the Geeks’ trip.

Watch the video in Flash on Vimeo (embedded above)
Watch the video in H.264 QuickTime on Ourmedia
Download the video at Archive.org

Three of the Seedcamp winners we met with six days ago today resonated for both Meghan and me: Huddle.net, Zemanta and Skimlinks. I’ll write about them in more detail tomorrow.

I’m going to borrow an idea by fellow Geek Tom Foremski and blog about the trip a week after each event. On July 5 we had a Meet the Geeks Tweetup at JuJu in London’s Chelsea district; kudos to Ted Shelton of the Conversation Group for organizing the event and a hat tip to all our sponsors, especially Intel for donating a Netbook and MID as raffle prizes. Soon I’ll post two Flip video interviews I did at the Tweetup, with Anatolie Papas of Symbian and Kate Arkless Gray of the BBC’s Save Our Sounds.

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May 19, 2009

Introducing Traveling Geeks London


JD LasicaOne reason I’ve been overstretched for many months is that I’ve been working since last August as the (unpaid) chief organizer of the second Traveling Geeks expedition to explore cutting-edge technologies in a hotbed of innovation. Last spring it was Israel. This time around: London!

On Sunday we launched the TravelingGeeks.com website using WordPress, and I think it has some cool features, such as a widget that captures real-time conversations.

On Monday most of the Geeks got together over lunch at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco to hear how to use Nokia’s Ovi Maps (see above) on our mobile devices. Nokia is loaning us N79s for the trip while in London and Cambridge July 4-11, and Jorg Malang, Head of Ovi Maps, and Maria Rakusanova, Product Marketing Manager — who are in the area for Where 2.0 — walked us through an hourlong live demo.

Jeff Saperstein, JD Lasica, Ken Kaplan of Intel, Christine Ngo of Ogilvy, photo by Susan Bratton

Jeff Saperstein, JD Lasica, Ken Kaplan of Intel, Christine Ngo of Ogilvy. Photo by Susan Bratton

We have a great lineup of Geeks for TG2: Howard Rheingold, Craig Newmark, Robert Scoble, Sarah Lacy, Meghan Asha, Sarah Austin, Tom Foremski, Sky Schuyler, Susan Bratton, Renee Blodgett, founder Jeff Saperstein and myself.

Here’s our still-developing Agenda — pretty impressive! On tap: a “speed date” with Seed Camp winners, a podcast at the Guardian on the future of news and media, talks and sessions at the 2gether conference, meeting with Accel startups, participating in an Econsultancy Roundtable with tech startup winners, hitting the TechCrunch Europe Summer Party, then participating in a Roundtable on Open Innovation at Cambridge. We’re also trying to arrange an afternoon tea with Tony Blair and hope to spend a little time relaxing — say, punting on the Cambridge.

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May 16, 2009

UK startups suss out Silicon Valley

Web Mission: UK startups come to Silicon Valley from JD Lasica on Vimeo.

JD LasicaOli Barrett, co-founder of Web Mission, talks about the group of 20 small startups from the United Kingdom that recently visited Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area, and what the participants took away from the trip.

The 7-minute interview was conducted on the top floor of Moscone West during the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco.

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