September 22, 2011

Either take your time commenting on blogs or get spamboxed

Chris AbrahamI must have impulse control issues. I posted the following on my corporate blog yesterday — Here’s how not to (spam) comment (spam) — because a comment spam broke by heart. The person who did it was 80% there, he just #failed where he could have maybe won me over (because my blogs don’t get a lot of comments and I am lonely and generally treat commenters — even shameless self-promoters — kindly since they’re all I have!)

So, while I have no problem spam-canning the really awful, clueless, ESL foreign and automated comments, this looked like it was at least copied and pasted by a human, “Raymond McLemore,” but then it just came off as too generic, too self-serving, and not nearly neighborly or generous enough.

He has nothing to add and the post wasn’t generous. It was dropped in with the single-minded aim at dropping a keyword link into my post via the comments, “Marketing Weekly,” using that as his Author name.

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