October 30, 2014

Have you cut the cord from traditional media?


Now you can add Pluto.TV to your mix of news and curation sources

Ayelet NoffOften I find myself stopping and considering just how far we’ve come as a society. The information age has brought about so much that you can find out about just about anything with a couple of taps or mouse clicks. However, this overflow of information is a mixed blessing: When you have so much information flowing in from so many sources, how do you separate what’s important from the noise?

That question is the reason why, despite so many advances in media, people still rely on old-fashioned outlets, such as newspapers, radio and television, as a source for hardcore news. When it comes to subjects of profound international concern and impact, like the rise of ISIS for instance, traditional outlets have an advantage: professional framing and analysis. While there are definitely a lot of bloggers out there who are just as knowledgeable as journalists who work for traditional media, the blogosphere in general has fewer filters – and that can be a problem when you’re dealing with subject matter as delicate as militant jihadists. Continue reading

September 16, 2009

Tools to build an engaged online community

JD LasicaHere’s the Social Media Bootcamp presentation I gave at Seizing the Moment, the workshop for ethnic media publishers at San Francisco State University the other week. At 41 slides long, it’s called “Tools to Build an Engaged Online Community.” (See it on Slideshare or download the PDF.) And while it’s geared to ethnic media publications, its lessons apply to traditional media outlets, news organizations and citizen media sites, too.

You’ll find the sites all tagged on delicious at my socialmediacamp account, with subsections on tools and platforms.

Free one-page handouts

Also, I prepared two nice-looking flyers for the bootcamp participants, which I’m hosting on Amazon S3:

Resources, Platforms, and The power of geotagging (PDF)

Social news ecosystem, Sites we like, and Facebook Groups & Fan Pages (PDF)

8 tactics to build community

The presentation addresses strategies in the sharing economy and suggests eight tactics to build community:

1. Be first with breaking news
2. Leverage Twitter
3. Enable conversations
4. Community video
5. Online petitions & causes
6. Geocoding & citizen photography
7. Google map mashups
8. Facebook communities Continue reading