May 19, 2009

Nudging, poking and insanity, oh my!

pokeJoanna LordOK, folks, the next one of you who pokes or nudges me is going to get smacked. Alright, maybe not smacked, but I will certainly wave my fist in the air in your honor.

What is it about these features that irk me so much? Ever since signing up for Facebook and Twitter I have been aware of their importance ridiculousness. However, my frustration culminated the other day when I signed into Facebook to see that … my father poked me. Yup, it’s true, and worst yet, now I felt obligated to poke back (after that whole “he gave me life and raised me” thing) and consequently we have exchanged at least four rounds of pointless poking.

Now I get the general idea of nudging and poking. For those of you who are a little unclear as to what I’m ranting about, here is the gist of each: A “nudge” is a Twitter feature that enables one user to remind another user to update their status and a “poke” is a little finger icon on Facebook that enables you to virtually “poke” another user. I’m not sure of the actual point behind poking, unlike the Twitter nudge it’s a bit more elusive. It’s kind of the virtual equivalent of smiling at someone without saying hello, or in most instances it’s a somewhat creepy, passive-aggressive way to get a stranger to add you as a friend.

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May 15, 2009

Sysomos MAP is alien technology

Chris AbrahamI just got off a demo presentation by a company you might not have heard of yet called Sysomos. Nick Koudas, Sysomos’ founder, personally showed me around two of the company’s products, MAP and Heartbeat, and I have to admit that I think I just witnessed 22nd century — maybe even alien — technology.

photoSysomos MAP is the sort of research and social media metrics tool that they have on TV and movies, the sort of data forensics tool they tout on CSI or NUMB3RS that looks spiffy on television but doesn’t exist in real life.

Well, it does exist, and in real time and in real life.  You really need to check out Sysomos and you really need to know about these tools. Seriously. Alien technology, for real.

May 10, 2009

Webinar on social networks and the news

news u class

JD LasicaI‘m flying to the venerable Poynter Institute — journalism’s high church — to give an online Webinar titled, Social Networks: Engaging Users With News, part of a 10-week class for newspaper editors being put on by the Knight Digital Media Center.

Although the newspaper folks get the Webinar as part of their curriculum, it’s also open to the public, and Poynter is expecting several hundred people to sign up for $25 a pop.

I wrote a bit about this last month. Details:

What: an online presentation on how news organizations are using — and should use — social media tools to engage users and present content.
When: 2 pm ET/11 am PT Tuesday, May 12. The hourlong talk will be followed by a half hour of Q&A via chat.
Register here (first-time users need to go through a brief registration process)

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May 10, 2009

Free social media marketing Webinar

Chris AbrahamDigital PR executives Sally Falkow and I will co-present a free webinar this Thursday on the subject of digital PR, social media marketing and blogger relations. This event is at 1 pm Eastern/ 10 am Pacific time, and you need to register in advance so please register now!

The name of the free digital PR Webinar is How to Do Social Media Marketing: Bloggers, Social Networks, Metrics, and More.

Register Now!

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May 3, 2009

Real social media metrics from SM2

Fresh Air Fund Mentions Labeled with Outreach Dates

Chris AbrahamWhile Gerris digital, has been doing digital PR in the form of blogger relations, social media outreach, online brand promotion, Twitter and Facebook community management, and even reporting, we’ve tended to spend our resources more on operations than on metrics.

Once we got our hands on the social media metrics service SM2, by Techrigy, and started playing around, we kicked ourselves! Not only are metrics an awesome way of proving efficacy to our clients but they’re also amazing business development secret weapons, allowing us to create real-world scenarios that aid in our wooing of clients, both in casual correspondence as well as in proper proposals.

I would like to give you a quick run through some of the charts we have been creating for ourselves and our clients. The Fresh Air Fund has been nice enough to allow us to use their charts and metrics as examples of the kind of interesting and useful metrics we are able to collect and monitor.

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May 3, 2009

EconSM: Mobile at the center of the mix


JD LasicaWhen the EconSM conference started out in 2006, the conference circuit looked pretty crowded for another entrant. But the folks behind EconSM — Rafat Ali and Staci D. Kramer, and now the new owner, ContentNext — have carved out a nice niche in the social media space (the SM used to stand for Social Media) and connected it with burgeoning developments in mobile.

First, the details of their upcoming event:

EconSM: Social Meets Mobile
When: May 14 (a week from Thursday)
Where: Mission Bay Conference Center, San Francisco
Cost: $450 — readers get a 15% discount off the price of the conference and report by entering the discount password “SocialMediabiz”
Report: a 46-page report, “The Changing Mobile Industry and What It Means for Media Executives”
Details: Website info and Agenda

Of the gathering, Staci (a longtime friend) tells me: “When we held the first EconSM in 2006, most people  were still trying to grasp what it meant much less how to make it a business. For many media companies, it was a gimmick, something to say they offered. Investors wanted to be in on the ground floor, entrepreneurs wanted to be the next MySpace/Facebook/Flickr/Digg/fill in the blank.

“Much has changed as we get ready for our third EconSM — including the name. The acronym is still the same but this year it’s about the intersection of social and mobile. Social media has passed the gimmick stage — although not everyone has figured that out — and is part of the daily fabric for an increasing number of people.

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