May 14, 2013

Can you build an audience while maintaining intimacy?

Photo by practicalowl (Creative Commons)

Yes. In fact, you must. Just don’t go on social auto-pilot and start collecting people

Chris AbrahamYou know how much I am obsessed with long-tail blogger outreach, right? I am a man possessed! That said, I really don’t collect people. People don’t like being collected. As people, we don’t like being part of a menagerie. While it’s easy to collect people, it’s even easier to take them for granted, and there’s probably a tipping point. I have been consulting some bouncing social media babies recently, and they’re doing it right. They’re each running a couple of hundred followers and friends and they know everyone. They’re aware of exactly who they’re following and get really excited whenever anyone follows them back.

But please forgive me, I felt the same way too, and I must tell you that I really needed the reminder. I mean, not to brag, but I have had 500+ connections on LinkedIn since before many of you were born. And with 43,000+ followers on Twitter and 4,777 friends on Facebook, it keeps me busy.

With such a torrent of conversation splashing and sloshing around me all the time, manifesting in an endless din, I of course am just about always overwhelmed.

It’s almost impossible to both maintain the cultivated intimacy of those very first days of exploration when you knew the name of everyone you followed and, especially, everyone who followed you. Continue reading