October 7, 2013

When selling social media, brand like a Realtor


Target audience: Social marketers, PR professionals, SEO specialists, businesses, social media managers, online reputation management experts.

Chris AbrahamWhen you think about it, Realtors were the world’s first social media marketers — well before the Internet existed. Social networks predated the Internet and real estate agents have always been exemplary manifestations of shameless self-promoters while still being able to build reputation, trust, and confidence over time. I really think that we social media marketers should be more like Realtors — in fact, most of the top online influencers very much do follow in the footsteps of the humble neighborhood real estate agent.

I never understood the mad narcissism that real estate agents shamelessly flaunted everywhere in the form of portraiture on emblazoned cards, placards, for sale signs, circulars, mailers, and online. But I get it now — and I want to let out my inner real estate agent. And I really believe you should, too. Here’s why: Continue reading