July 20, 2015

7 rules of social media marketing

Photo by Hamed Saber on Flickr (Creative Commons BY)    

Rule 7: Figure out what images resonate with your audience and share news and articles that increase awareness.

Post by Megan Totka

MeganTotkaIt seems like every small business understands the power of social media marketing – 99 percent of marketers feel social media is a crucial part of their communication campaigns according to a recent report by Regalix. In order to maximize your social media marketing campaign, it’s essential that you grasp its fundamentals.

Take a look at these seven rules that allow you to best serve your customers and develop your brand.

Home in on your area of expertise

1It’s smarter to go ahead and focus on your area of expertise instead of attempting to unsuccessfully be a jack-of-all-trades. Sometimes it’s tricky to find ideas to keep your social media fresh – ideas for content don’t always appear out of thin air. However, instead of caving and falling victim to a strategy that attempts to know everything about everything, build a strong brand though a highly specified social media and content marketing strategy. Continue reading