July 15, 2013

With social media, you need to do more than forage


Passivity & lack of focus won’t get the deal done

This is the first of a three-part series. Also see:
Part two: Are you a social media marketing trapper?
Part three: Hunting the big game of long-term clients

Target audience: Marketing professionals, SEO specialists, businesses, nonprofits, Facebook administrators, anyone with a Facebook page.

Chris AbrahamWhen you put lots of energy, time, and passion — but no plan — into your social media marketing and PR campaigns, you’re a forager. And you surely won’t starve foraging. You’ll always be fed. Social media foraging does get protein in the pot, though that protein is generally more in the form of grubs than it is prime grade lean steak. As they say, “look under enough rocks and you’ll eventually find a snake” (to eat). And, growing your followership, engaging heartily and consistently, and building up your Klout and reputation means that you’ll increase your snake-finding opportunities. But what you’re really doing is setting up a system where you know where to look and under which rocks.

While this is an excellent first step, it’s very passive and generates relatively little meat for your family, while also easily being depleted as you evolve from being a lone wolf to joining a tribe, evolving into a village, a town, and a city. Continue reading