April 7, 2014

How to engage bloggers down the long tail

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Target audience: Marketing professionals, PR pros, brand managers, SEO specialists, businesses.

OMVS14Chris AbrahamIt’s essential for brands to have access to and a relationship with their current customers and clients as well with their fans, natural allies, their topical neighborhood, and their prospective and future clients. In a post-Internet world, this is best handled online, for efficiency’s sake.

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May 6, 2009

Twitter for business Webinar video and slides

Chris AbrahamLast week I announced a free Twitter Webinar titled, How to use Twitter effectively for business, advocacy and policy and wanted to share both a video recording of the Webinar as well as all of the slides that I presented, so that you can easily explore everything yourself.

To keep everything together, I chose to offer a hybrid here for you, mashing up the hourlong YouTube video with the deck using SlideShare — it’s pretty cool. That said, if you don’t like the mash-up, you can get the YouTube video here and you can get the Slideshare deck here, all separate. I hope you enjoy!