March 4, 2009

The social side of Skittles


Ayelet NoffThe average site for a popular consumer product is:

A. Slick with a high level of “production values.”

B. Made in Flash.

C. About as socially engaging as a log.

Skittles changes all that in one go by essentially giving up on having a site of its own.  If you go to skittles.comyou see a realtime Twitter search for “skittles.”  All that is left from the old corporate branded experience is a small widget-like navigator in the right hand corner.

If you click “videos” it goes to Skittles’ YouTube page, if you click “images” it directs you to a Flickr search, “products” is the Skittles Wikipedia article and clicking “friends” will take you to the Skittles fan page on Facebook. This breaks with the tradition of consumer products with boring mass sites that feel like generic dance clubs — I’m looking at you, Pepsi. Skittles has decided that the best online experience is one created by its own customers.

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