August 16, 2012

Is Google turning from a search engine into a publisher?

From left, Incisive Media Global VP Mike Grehan, Matt Cutts of Google, Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land and Brett Tabke, who runs PubCon (Photo by Search Engine Land).

Webmasters push back against recent changes at Google

Target audience: Businesses, brands, marketers, search specialists, SEO experts, Web publishers — anyone with a business website.

JD LasicaBy and large over the years on number of fronts — search, mobile, open source, public policy — Google has generally worn the white hat. They’ve played the good guys in this still unfolding Internet saga right from the start. Back when search was still young, as I wrote in 2001, Google decreed that there must be a clear demarcation between search results and sponsored links, and it has been thus ever since.

So it was somewhat jarring to see the cool reception that Google’s Matt Cutts — probably Google’s biggest superstar behind Larry, Sergey and Eric — received yesterday at the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Francisco. Cutts laid out a rosy portrait of the company’s Knowledge Graph, unveiled last week. Search on “chiefs” on Kansas City and you’ll get a different result than if you searched out the Chiefs rugby team in Australia or New Zealand. (For the possible downsides of this, see my interview with Eli Pariser, author of “The Filter Bubble.”)

But Google is doing more than just personalization, and audience members took to the microphone to push back. Their objection came down to this: By all appearances, Google’s recent moves seem to be moving the company away from its search roots and more into the role of an online publisher, a one-stop shop, a commercial Wikipedia. Continue reading

July 20, 2012

SES conference returns to SF next month

Some of the speakers at SES San Francisco 2012. readers get 20% discount for big search gathering

Guest post by Byron Gordon
VP, Social Media Marketing, SEO-PR

Wondering what Marissa Mayer has in store for Yahoo?

It’s never a dull moment in the search and social media marketing world, and to capture the latest trends, SES conference & Expo returns to San Francisco for a weeklong hands-on education and training series to keep marketing and advertising professionals up to date on the latest trends in search and social media.

What:  Some brand new panels will be showcased, featuring insights from experienced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) professionals alike, including presentations on the newest social media marketing tools. Attendees can expect to get answers to the following:

  • Understand how both big brands and small businesses are leveraging Pinterest for increased traffic and conversions.
  • Learn how to evaluate automation tools and measure potential returns on investment.
  • Learn how to avoid being impacted by the next Google update (Panda and Penguin victims take note!).
  • Learn how to execute an effective Targeting/Remarketing strategy – don’t let your website fall into the 90% of those who visit it without completing any action.

A favorite roundtable forum repeats itself: Meet the Experts. It’s an opportunity for attendees to learn, network and share information with peers and leading industry speakers and specialists. Get a preview of its popularity by watching the Meet the Experts roundtable at this year’s SES Toronto 2012. Continue reading