September 15, 2010

25 tips to skyrocket your search engine rankings


Guest post by Karan Singhal

These days, it’s hard to find legitimate content that will help your search engine optimization campaign reach its potential. Most of the time, the content available to you doesn’t really help you.

So below I’ll provide 25 tips that, when used effectively, will skyrocket your search engine rankings, often with little effort. Avoid shady techniques that could end up costing you a Google penalty.

Let’s begin our list with a little thinking:

  1. Think about what you’re offering – With search engine optimization, you must always keep in mind what a visitor can get from your website. Whether it’s reading free blog content or the opportunity to buy a product, make sure there is a reason why people should come and visit your site, and always remember it. This will help you focus your SEO content on the keywords that matter.
  1. Think about what people are looking for – A bit of an extension from the last tip, it’s very important that during keyword research, you should know what people are looking for. What you’re offering and what potential subscribers/customers are looking for are rarely identical. However, you can make it so that some of your main keywords are what people are actually searching for. This works great with longtail keywords, even after Google’s May Day update. For example, if you’re a car dealer, because people looking for a car might search “affordable safe cars,” make that becomes one of your keywords, even if some of your cars are expensive.
  1. Internal linking is key – How can you rank high in search engines without too many external links? Although most webmasters, even those involved in internet marketing and SEO don’t know it, internal links are just as important as incoming links from external websites. Learn more about internal linking.
  1. Use anchor text – Any kind of link can be made more beneficial to your website by using anchor text. Anchor text is your actual link text. What does anchor text tell search engines? What keywords you want to rank high for. “Click here” is a poor anchor text link. Learn more about using anchor text effectively: How To Target Keywords Using Links.

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