May 4, 2015

Promote your book with influencer marketing

‘Never forget that every profile, website & blog represents a person, a soul, an ego & a heart’

Target audience: Marketing professionals, authors, self-publishers, PR pros, brand managers, SEO specialists, educators, Web publishers, journalists.

Moran_3E_COVER-230x300Chris AbrahamAfew days ago at GroupHigh’s Outreach Marketing Virtual Summit I gave a presentation on how to promote your book (or your client’s book) by engaging online influencers. And I cited six books that I’ve promoted over the past couple of years on behalf of their authors: Glock and Law of the Jungle by Paul M. Barrett; Search Engine Marketing, Inc., by Mike Moran and Bill Hunt; Mindful Work by David Gelles; and The Creator’s Code by Amy Wilkinson.

The most important part of the premise of this entire presentation is that I have never been retained by a publisher, only by authors who have taken it upon themselves to span the marketing gap in the absence of serious marketing efforts by their publishing houses. They all took responsibility for the success of their books online with online influencers. Continue reading

October 27, 2009

Joanna Lord on brands, SEM and social media

Joanna Lord on SEM and social media from JD Lasica on Vimeo.

JD LasicaThis summer I had the chance to sit down, on a sun-splashed day in Santa Monica, with Joanna Lord, a colleague at who’s a leading industry expert in search engine marketing (SEM).

Joanna is co-founder and chief marketing officer of YourJobStop (formerly TheOnlineBeat), one of the top job search services, and last week she announced plans to move to Seattle (we’ll miss you in California, Joanna!). Seattle is where she presented at Search Marketing Expo (SMX), a search-heavy conference that tackles subjects like SEM, pay-per-click (PPC) tactics and search engine optimization (SEO).

In this 9-minute video, she talks about how brands should be using Twitter to identify strategic contacts and push your content out, the use of SEM, the importance of monitoring and tracking your brand’s reputation, and some of the things that companies need to take into account in an era of social media and empowered consumers.

Watch, embed or download the video on Vimeo Continue reading