December 14, 2009

Social media & startups: It’s a different ballgame

The social media disclaimer start-ups should know

socialmediaposttagcloudJoanna LordI get asked a lot: “How do I make money off social media?” Uhmm, well, you use the magic wand of online web awesomeness, obviously. Or maybe not. We have all read a million articles pointing us toward tools we should be using, things we should be considering, and the best practices we shouldn’t ignore. We get it: Social media is valuable. I think by now we all understand the importance of social media as a visibility engine and viral message maker. It can be used to enable conversations, announce information, put out fires, and so on.

It can do a lot. But it has limits. Ohhh buzz kill.

The reality of a start-up culture

Having lived in both Los Angeles and now Seattle, I have been surrounded with start-ups. In fact, it was a huge push for my location decisions in general. Start-ups face unique challenges, especially right now. No surprise there.

Start-ups also have a ton of options. They really are entering with a clean slate most of the time and, often, a huge number of resources. They have investors, boards, friends, family, old colleagues, old networks, etc., all pushing for them and offering a helping hand. So when it comes to deciding where they want to invest their energy and call in those favors, it can get tricky. Continue reading

January 18, 2009

Dell features

I've been following the social media work of Bob Pearson, VP of communities and conversations for Dell, for some time (he's @bobpdell on Twitter).

So it came as a surprise when a friend IM'd to say, Hey, did you know Dell is promoting your blog? Well, no. But a look at their lead 58-second introductory video on Facebook about Dell's efforts with social media has Pearson showing off a blog about social media — this one.

Thanks, Bob! I've been aware of Dell's efforts to make social media more accessible to regular folks through its written guides and video screencasts, and I hope to highlight those in a new social media learning center I'm starting to put together.

You can join the Facebook group Social Media for Small Business, powered by Dell, here.