September 29, 2014

How to maximize press coverage for your startup or business

Photo by Niuton may on Flickr (CC BY)

This article originally appeared on Moz and is republished with permission.

Post by Chris Winfield

Chris WinfieldOver the past 12 years, I have been featured in hundreds of major newspapers, magazines, websites and blogs (everything ranging from the NY Times, USA Today and CNN to TechCrunch, Entrepreneur and so on), and I can tell you first-hand that it has helped me and my companies in an enormous way.

It’s brought me:

  • Publicity (obviously)
  • Clients
  • Partnerships
  • Links
  • Traffic
  • Improved Employee Morale
  • Credibility
  • Money

Even more important, I have helped hundreds of businesses and friends get coverage. In many cases, the coverage they received was the tipping point for their career or business. A couple of weeks ago, someone who I met at a conference and became a friend of mine told me:

“Incidentally, your advice on PR in the past has been invaluable with [their domain] – PR is our biggest source of traffic by miles.”

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