May 18, 2010

Successful techniques for building your industry voice with social media

Bypass gatekeepers. Hold contests. Become a super user.

David SparkWhat does it take to actually be seen in the social media sphere? To raise your profile so that you’re seen as a leading voice, a super user? And can that voice be translated into an actual business, or a great new job? A couple weeks ago I keynoted a conference called the PINCShow, for print designers, in San Francisco. It was produced by the Visual Media Alliance (VMA, formerly known as PINC).The presentation offers just a sampling of different voice-building techniques along with stories of the people and organizations that made them happen.

Got some techniques of your own? What’s been successful? What hasn’t? Let us know.

And here are some follow up materials:

February 28, 2010

2 plans to integrate your Social Web presence

Deltina HayKeeping your Social Web accounts up to date can seem overwhelming, but there are ways to make the process more painless. This presentation on Slideshare outlines two sample integration plans you can implement to help streamline your Social Web presence.

Let’s say that you have a blog as well as accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube. Using either plan, you’ll want to streamline such tasks as updating your status updates, distributing your images and distributing your video clips. Continue reading

November 3, 2009

5 ways to improve your presentation skills

Improving your presentation skills from JD Lasica on Vimeo.

JD LasicaIf you give presentations or speeches in public — ranging from a workshop panel appearance to a keynote lecture — chances are that you could benefit from sharpening your presentation skills.

I met Danielle Daly, co-founder of Rexi Media, at Blogworld Expo last month and was immediately impressed with how she and the Rexi Media team are helping to enhance the communication and presentation skills of executives and managers at Fortune 500 companies. In this 6-minute video interview, Danielle discusses 5 ways to make your presentation skills more effective.

Presenter ProThis week Rexi Media is releasing an update to its already popular iPhone app, Presenter Pro, which lets you bone up on your presentation skills during your spare time (cost: $1.99). Presenter Pro focuses on 5 areas for enhancing presentation skills:

1) Body language: This covers areas such as effective gestures, facial expressions, eye contact, cultural gestures, use of passion, visualization, descriptive gestures, and others.

2) Vocal variety: How to add interest to your speaking style, how to sound more confident, how to add ingredients such as articulation, inflection, rate, pauses, changes in inflection and volume, and so on.

3) Structure: How to plan and structure your talk, how to hook listeners with an effective opening, how to manage time and enlist participation, how to end on a high note.

4) Visuals: How to think in pictures, how to marshal facts visually, how to use visual aids, use of color, balance and contrast, use of repetition, and so on.

5) The words you use: Think carefully about the contents of your talk — be human and accessible, know your stuff, relate real experiences, be persuasive, be economical and descriptive, avoid condescension and apologies. Continue reading