September 19, 2009

Pregtastic: Making Money from Podcasting

Royce Hidreth, producer of the Pregtastic podcast

Royce Hidreth, producer of the Pregtastic podcast

David SparkThis interview is part of a series “Making Money from Podcasting” (read summary “9 Successful Techniques for Making Money from Podcasting”) where I interview podcasters who are actually generating revenue from their podcasts. There are many techniques, and here’s one person’s tale of how they’re making money from podcasting.

Get your own sponsors

Pregtastic podcastRoyce Hildreth is the producer of the Pregtastic podcast, the weekly audio podcast by pregnant women, for pregnant women. While he works with Wizzard Media, a podcasting ad network, which can sell advertising for his show, he primarily seeks out his own sponsorships. Hildreth and I talked about how he goes about landing advertisers and what techniques work the best.

In general, advertisers want exclusivity on the podcast, and they want more presence than just a pre-roll ad or an in-show insert ad. Podcasting’s interactivity is often what attracts advertisers to the medium. The format allows for some give-and-take play with the hosts, and that adds dynamic value for the sponsor. It’s unlike other streaming media such as radio or TV, which are still often stuck on just selling interstitial advertisements.

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Hildreth says he’s looking to build long term partnerships, ideally as long as a year. He wants to move beyond the simple CPM (cost per thousand) model and offer more value to advertisers such as putting employees on the podcast, and possibly produce videos of the sponsor’s products that would live alongside the podcast.

Beyond seeking sponsors, Hildreth also uses the begware model, which used to generate $150 a month in revenue. Unfortunately, and possibly because of the economy, that’s dropped to a much lower level. In an effort to bring those dollars back up, hosts have stopped saying the show is free and they’re now saying that the show costs a donation.

Hildreth doesn’t make much money from the podcast. The sponsorships and donations are only offsetting costs, such as Web hosting and hiring a baby sitter for when he and his wife need to go to the studio to produce the podcast.

Listen to my interview with Hildreth as he talks about maintaining the credibility of the content of Pregtastic while also seeking out sponsorships.

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