July 31, 2013

PR pros: How to use Twitter in smarter ways

Photo by lululemon athletica

Go beyond the standard practices when representing a client

Target audience: Public relations professionals, marketing professionals, agencies.

Shonali BurkePeople have been using Twitter for public relations for some time. It’s one of the favorite tools in journalist toolboxes, and therefore it’s one of the favorite tools in the toolboxes of PR pros.

But here is where the typical use of Twitter for PR begins and ends:

1. Publicizing news, blog posts, videos — basically, any kind of content. A lot of companies still share only their own content on Twitter. (My take? You should be paying much more attention to others’ content than your own.)

2. Retweeting what other people have said about their own companies (or about them personally) ad nauseam. You know, the ones that go: “RT @{original tweeter}: You’re such a rockstar, @{person being talked about}.” Continue reading