October 15, 2012

How Pinterest can help your marketing to go viral

Driving big traffic and making Pinterest a real marketing solution

Guest post by Colby Almond
97th Floor

When I was first introduced to Digg in 2007, I didn’t leave the computer until I absorbed every piece of information that Kevin Rose made available to me. When I switched over to Reddit in 2008, I found the content even more enthralling and gave out upvotes until my fingers bled on nearly ever subreddit. A few months ago my girlfriend, Alaina, was on her laptop on the couch totally enchanted by some type of site I had never seen before. However, I knew the passion and attention she was giving the site was all too familiar. There she was pinning and repinning content onto her boards like it was her job.

As a marketer of nearly seven years, I absolutely knew this “Pinterest” thing was going to be huge. I never would have expected, however, that it would change the world of viral marketing so quickly.

By early this year, Pinterest exploded from a casual social network to an absolute powerhouse of more than 10 million users. It’s now driving more referral traffic than Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn. For a social network that long remainded under the radar for the marketing industry, these are numbers that can’t be ignored. Continue reading