June 25, 2012

Have you embraced Pinterest for your brand?

Guess jeans turned users’ Pinterest boards into campaign ads.


The booming social network reminds us that text can no longer stand on its own

Chris AbrahamIf you use images or photos on any of your sites, you’re probably already on Pinterest, whether you’ve registered on Pinterest or not. So, what are you going to do about it?

If you’re not on Pinterest, you’re already losing control of your visual brand by virtue of not participating. Pinterest is going to push you to better brand your content and intellectual property in such a way that people know where that content is from without imposing grotesque watermarks, oversize copyright notices, or garish splashes of brand that takes away attention from the message in the image.

So, when someone steals your image, your graphic, or your photo, will they associate it with you even if it is disassociated with your sites, blogs, or social media? I know, when you post your own pins on Pinterest, you can add a source link-back URL. I know when people pin your content from your own blog’s “pin this” button that the link-back is attached to the image; however, most pins don’t happen in ways you even remotely control. That’s why National Geographic blocks Pinterest: losing control of IP scares the bejezus out of copyright-dependent organizations like Tony Stone, National Geographic, Getty, and Corbis! Continue reading