August 4, 2014

What makes an online community work

Amy Jo Kim

Amy Jo Kim

Why the best social networks must grow organically

Target audience: Community manager, marketing professionals, PR pros, brand managers, entrepreneurs, businesses, nonprofits, educators, Web publishers, journalists.

Chris AbrahamWay back in 2000, Amy Jo Kim wrote the book on best practices and strategies on how to start, build, grow, and maintain online communities in Community Building on the Web : Secret Strategies for Successful Online Communities.

If you can find a copy, buy one. Everything Amy Jo Kim recommends can be mapped perfectly to Web 2.0 and social network services — namely, her belief that communities need to grow organically and not be rigid, planned, communities. That is, more like London than Paris. Continue reading

December 12, 2013

Say hello to the power of online communities

A one-minute video explaining Google+ Communities.

5 ways to join or create thriving communities

Target audience: Business executives, entrepreneurs, digital marketers, SEO specialists, PR pros, brand managers, nonprofits, educators, Web publishers.

Guest post by Rohan Ayyar
E2M Solutions

rohanOnce upon a time, we’d listen to our friends and family as we go about making decisions for a new purchase. We would ask, they would tell us, and we’d then make a decision, having taking those inputs into consideration. While this might still be the norm, the Internet has ushered in a new trend: family and friends aside, we have communities and platforms teeming with people with varying levels of experience, knowledge, and insights on all things under the sun.

As the Internet evolved, small forums mushroomed, and eventually burgeoned into thousands of niche communities. Once concentrated around geeky “interest groups,” these communities have now matured to the point that they can make or break a business. That’s why community management is now a part of a smart content marketing strategy. Continue reading

February 1, 2010

Building a presence from scratch on the Social Web

How a social media campaign helped HP Israel’s PSG Group gain momentum

Ayelet NoffWhen Blonde 2.0 began to assist HP Israel’s Personal Systems Group with their social media marketing efforts, we found they had no representation in the social media world. A community had not yet been built for the group and their customer base did not have a proper network to turn to for questions and answers.

Let me tell you what we did. Over the course of a few months’ time, Blonde 2.0 and HP quickly exposed HP Israel’s PSG group to the social media world and began engaging with customers and potential customers to increase the group’s brand awareness in the community.

When you build a community from scratch, the target audience you primarily want to attract are community leaders, early adapters and other movers & shakers in your industry in order to gain some momentum. Blonde 2.0 launched HP Israel’s Facebook Fan Page in September and started from a zero fan base. Since close to a third of Israel’s population has a Facebook profile – 2.5 million Israelis and the demographic groups we wanted to target were found on Facebook — this social network was a great place to start building a community around HP. Continue reading

October 18, 2009

Under the Second Life microscope

Chris AbrahamI had the coolest interview recently. The gang from Metanomics invited me to take part in the Metanomics Community Forum yesterday “in world” in Second Life, where I spent an hour in open conversation with around 35-plus folks in world: On My Mind with Chris Abraham – Community Forum.

I loved it because everyone on Second Life is bright, passionate, curious, open, and smart — fellow nerds, maybe. What made my day, however, was that I was being interviewed as though I were from an alien culture!

Continue reading

September 16, 2009

Tools to build an engaged online community

JD LasicaHere’s the Social Media Bootcamp presentation I gave at Seizing the Moment, the workshop for ethnic media publishers at San Francisco State University the other week. At 41 slides long, it’s called “Tools to Build an Engaged Online Community.” (See it on Slideshare or download the PDF.) And while it’s geared to ethnic media publications, its lessons apply to traditional media outlets, news organizations and citizen media sites, too.

You’ll find the sites all tagged on delicious at my socialmediacamp account, with subsections on tools and platforms.

Free one-page handouts

Also, I prepared two nice-looking flyers for the bootcamp participants, which I’m hosting on Amazon S3:

Resources, Platforms, and The power of geotagging (PDF)

Social news ecosystem, Sites we like, and Facebook Groups & Fan Pages (PDF)

8 tactics to build community

The presentation addresses strategies in the sharing economy and suggests eight tactics to build community:

1. Be first with breaking news
2. Leverage Twitter
3. Enable conversations
4. Community video
5. Online petitions & causes
6. Geocoding & citizen photography
7. Google map mashups
8. Facebook communities Continue reading