July 3, 2013

MLOVE: Infusing new ideas into the mobile space


Ayelet Noff Afew days ago I came back from MLOVE Berlin, the “TED” of mobile conferences. A few hundred participants came together to discuss the future of mobile — in an amazingly beautiful castle, no less. The attendees come from a variety of backgrounds, but all share one important thing in common: They are impassioned leaders and trendsetters in the mobile space. This ConFestival is a place where inspiration flows freely and young visionaries discuss the potential of the mobile industry in today’s world and the future.

MLOVE has a special informal and playful atmosphere where ideas and conversations simply flow between people. The fact that it takes place in one castle with a limited number of attendees enables everyone to get to know one another on a closer basis than at your usual conference. Everyone’s very supportive of one another. I can attest that I have formed many great friendships at MLOVE with people from around the world. Continue reading