March 7, 2009

Where do you fall on the digital impatience scale?

Curtis Sliwa, WABC Radio

Curtis Sliwa, WABC Radio

David SparkThursday night, I was on ABC Radio (Curtis Sliwa Show, WABC — he’s the guy who started the Guardian Angels in NYC) talking about “textual harassment.” To prepare for my on-air appearance, I delved into the subject, interviewing friends, asking them if they had been “textually harassed.” And my assumption was correct. In most cases, SMS harassment was the result of an ex trying to maintain some type of contact with a former partner. That’s a very broad definition as the “ex” — could be someone you just had a single date with or met at a bar.

The textual harassment would manifest itself in a barrage of text messages. And it often came as the result of not getting a response to any form of communication. The person would wait for a response, nothing would come and then they’d send another. And at each “waiting” interval between messages, the time got shorter and shorter until it became zero and the messages just came flooding in.

Here’s the interview. Stream or download (Time 11:30):

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