June 20, 2011

MyMic: Leave an audio comment on Facebook

JD LasicaIf you’re launching a startup today, your best bet is to build on top of a widely adopted platform — Facebook, anyone? — rather than try to rally users to a completely new site.

That’s the smart course LeaAnna Hernandez took with MyMic, a still largely undiscovered app (2,797 Likes) that lets anyone on Facebook record a message that you can post to your own wall or share with a friend. (The first 20 seconds are free.)

MyMic won the best startup award at Latino 2, a gathering of 160 thought leaders, chiefly from the Latino community, on June 11 in Mountain View, Calif.

I caught up with Leanna, creator of MyMic, toward the end of the conference.

Watch, embed or download the 5-minute video on Vimeo

“I would love to be the audio version of YouTube,” LeaAnna says.

Coming next: a mobile MyMic app and a MyMic website, where users will be able to record audio files and share them with anyone, whether or not they’re on Facebook.

June 13, 2011

Latino 2.0: Delivering on the promise

Juan A. Sepúlveda, Jr.
Juan A. Sepúlveda, Jr., director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans, spoke at Latino 2.0 on Saturday.

JD LasicaIspent a few hours Saturday at Latino 2.0, a gathering that celebrates Latino business, entrepreneurship and community leaders in the age of digital/social engagement.

Originally planned as a big conference in Los Angeles last year (I was on the planning committee), Latino 2.0 has morphed into a series of regional events, with Saturday’s gathering at the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley following similar events in New York, Washington, DC, L.A. and Orlando, Fla. Other Latino 2.0 events are on tap for Santa Maria (Oct. 29) and Chicago (Nov. 9-11).

Here’s my Flickr photo set of 30 pictures, with two video interviews coming as well.

The promise to ‘outbuild, out-innovate and out-educate’

For a change of pace, I mostly mingled and listened rather than taking a lot of notes. Highlights included:

• Founder LeaAnna Hernandez discussed her app and company MyMic, which lets you send free audio messages (up to 5 seconds) to your Facebook friends.

• Vanessa Larco, product manager of Playdom, recalled how her mom, instead of posting her daughter’s drawings on the refrigerator, instead posted Vanessa’s math and science tests. Love it!

• Juan A. Sepúlveda, Jr., director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans, gave a memorable talk about the lack of support he received from mentors and extended family when pursuing degrees at Harvard and Oxford. His talk to 160 participants, mostly Latinos, focused on creating and enhancing support systems in the community to encourage kids to stay in school.

Sepúlveda recounted the Obama administration’s vision to “outbuild, out-innovate and out-educate the rest of the world” by the year 2020, though challenges remain on how to get there. He noted that the opposition party has very different priorities.

• Met a lot of other great folks, including Jennifer Arguello of Mozilla, Cesar Plata of Every Circle.com, Loida Rosario, senior VP of Edelman and Liza Cuevas, HR director of Citrix. Also hung with my Socialbrite partner, Carla Schlemminger, and Chris Heuer and Kristie Wells of Social Media Club.