July 5, 2010

Why do people still download & install applications?

Millions of downloadable app fans can’t be wrong

David SparkSince the explosion of Web 2.0, there’s been a sense in the industry that downloadable applications for PCs and Macs are dead. Web 2.0 programming languages turned static web pages into web applications. The advantage of this now-dubbed “webware” was that you didn’t have to go through the process of downloading and installing an application, often cited as a major hurdle for usage. Web 2.0 applications could work in everyone’s browser (PC or Mac), no matter the configuration (usually).

If it’s true that “people won’t download and install applications,” how come all of us have downloaded and installed applications running on our computers right now? And how come millions of people still download and install applications?

I wrote about the downloadable application issue (hot or not?) on my blog, Spark Minute. I looked at the three most successful categories of downloadable applications (communications, multimedia, and malware protection) and how they drive revenue.

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May 11, 2009

5 ways NPR beat the rest

Ayelet NoffThe sweet, calming voice and gentle, nerdy humor of NPR radio is like home to me, like it is to a lot of people. I remember those comfy moments, driving around and listening to ‘All Things Considered.’ I’m guessing it’s the same way kids felt in the ’50s when their favorite radio personalities graced the airwaves.

NPR know how to tell a story, and tell it well, so it is no surprise that they are using their information-sharing savvy to penetrate online media, and are rising to the top while doing it. They are one of the only news organizations that experienced a substantial growth in the last 10 years as compared to their competitors, who have seen a decline.

They are not afraid of digital media, and this is what puts them ahead of the game. Here are 5 avenues NPR is taking to achieve success:

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