June 26, 2013

Five modern technologies that bring a new twist on Mad Men’s nostalgic favorites


Technological advances increase efficiency in the workplace

Ayelet NoffBusiness hasn’t changed much in the 40 some-odd years separating us and the “Mad Men” timeline. What has changed are the tools in which business is conducted. After Mad Men’s final episode, I floated into a nostalgic dream that looked back on how times have changed, but also how they stayed the same.

The office atmosphere in Mad Men captures the audience and draws them in as though they were standing right next to Peggy’s desk themselves. The constant phone ringing, secretaries bustling from office to office distributing handouts and forms, clients coming in and out for short meetings – as much as it may seem nostalgic and reminiscent of the past, are these memories so different than the world we live in today?

In fact, the nature of our workplace hasn’t changed all that much from the Mad Men era. We still continue to do many of the same things that were done in the past- and it looks like we may be continuing to do them in the future. But what has changed from the era of cigarettes and whiskey at work? How has technology changed and developed how we function in the work-place and how has it made things run more smoothly? Continue reading