April 16, 2013

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Guest post by Rachael Seda

Rachael-SedaFor the past few months, my friend Ryan has been managing a boutique in a nearby shopping center called Apricot Lane. I know 80 to 90 percent of the stores in this area are out of my price range and, because they are so expensive, their typical customers are more likely to be women in my mom’s age group.

I assumed that Apricot Lane was another boutique with clothes for women older than myself. That is, until Ryan started an Instagram account for the boutique. She posted photos of the clothes, jewelry, and new items on Instagram. She even posted photos of people I knew modeling the clothes.

I fell in love with the different styles and fun items. I realized my preconceived notions were wrong, and I became quickly convinced that I needed to visit the boutique. Not only did I visit, I brought my mom and sister with me, both of whom loved it. Continue reading