November 26, 2013

Google: Are authors replacing inbound links as the key to success in search?

Image by Les Chatfield on Flickr (CC BY)

Create a content strategy by enlisting top influencers to write for your sites

Target audience: Marketing professionals, SEO specialists, PR pros, brand managers, businesses, nonprofits, educators, Web publishers, journalists.

Chris AbrahamIt’s a great time to be passionate about social media, the Internet, online community, and the Google suite of products and services.

Google is about to reward you big-time just as Google pulls the rug out from under the feet of traditional SEO link strategies. Good for you, bad for many online businesses. Be sure to monetize while you can. 

In my analogy, Google’s Hummingbird algorithm will require each website owner to find one or more social media passion players and woo, hire, pay, or partner with them in order to get back on top of Google organic search. If you want your home page to rise to the top of Google Organic Search, I believe you’re going to have to bring some legit Google authors on board and publicly be associated with them. Continue reading

March 16, 2012

Will 2012 be the Year of the Influencer?


Understand your impact in social media with influence metrics

Guest post by Louise Sinnerton
Marketing executive, PeerIndex

How to get rewarded for your influence and online persona may seem like a complex question. Wouldn’t it be novel if you could benefit from your digital footprint? So many companies mine for the information you publish on the web for their own gains without informing you about how they’re using it.

A person’s digital footprint can make them more successful, profitable, and competitive, if they fully understand it and how to leverage its power. Understanding the areas you are most influential in, who listens to you the most and who influences you online could affect how you blog or run a business. Influence metrics give you a greater understanding of your impact in social media.

It’s also useful to see these statistics for your competitors, whether you’re running the communications department for a large corporation or you’re a niche cooking blogger — influence statistics can give you an insight into the online profile and activity of others. For example, with this group of UK supermarkets, you can see that Sainsbury’s and Marks and Spencer are the most engaged and influential online.

(Update: PeerIndex has changed its API.)

Topic influence lets marketers achieve word of mouth at scale

Last year was the year of the everyman, with ordinary people propagating change using social networks, but this year is about identifying influencers. It’s all about being able to distinguish whose voice you really want to be listening to among the masses, at the same time as letting others know where your expertise and influence lies. Seeing influence across topic areas puts influence into context. This “contextual influence” or “topic influence” also enables marketers to achieve authentic word of mouth at scale.

So, we’re trying to give people a simple answer to how they can understand and gain from their online profile, and in doing so bringing influence marketing to the masses.

We believe that you should be the one benefiting from your personal data, rather than, or at the very least at the same time as, giant multinationals. Companies are already using your data to make themselves more profitable and competitive in the marketplace, so doesn’t it make sense that you should profit from it too? PeerPerks is our newly launched program that rewards consumers for being social by pairing users with companies to bring you exclusive offers.

If you’re more data-oriented, we’ve also just launched a new version of PeerIndex, which gives you powerful analytics and data about your Twitter and Facebook activity. It focuses on the influence you exert over others and what type of conversations you are engaging in.

Louise Sinnerton is marketing executive at UK-based PeerIndex. Follow her on Twitter at @lsinnerton and follow PeerIndex at @peerindex.