September 20, 2012

5 tips on how to improve your Klout score


Here’s why you should care about Klout & social influence

Ayelet NoffYou may or may not know about Klout, a San Francisco startup that identifies influencers and provides tools for influencers to monitor their influence. The company is best known for its Klout score, a a number between one and 100 that represents an individual’s overall social media influence based on his or her ability to mobilize action on social networks.

In the past I’ve been critical regarding the validity of Klout scores. Too many highly influential people that I knew ranked lower than striving social media amateurs. There seemed to be too much emphasis on creating as much noise as possible rather than quality online content. And Justin Bieber was the only user to have a perfect score of 100, a score higher than even that of President Obama. Something wasn’t right in the Klout universe. Continue reading