October 4, 2010

Still hunting for right solution to manage the endless flow of information

What’s the best productivity solution you’ve found?

David SparkHere’s one of my interviews I shot last week at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference reporting for Yammer.

Irritated by the endless flow of information that you can’t seem to make any sense of? You’re not alone. We’re all looking for a solution, even Harry McCracken, Editor of Technologizer. McCracken’s a good friend and I also write for his blog occasionally. I chatted with McCracken about the difficulty of managing the non-stop flow of information through all his social channels. He’s tried tons of tools, given them about a two week run, yet nothing has stuck.

Probably the closest solutions he’s found have been Threadsy and Google’s Priority Inbox, but he can’t recommend either as they’re either too buggy or highly flawed. He’s simply given up on them.

Email is sadly the best solution if people really want to get a hold of him. Yet it’s far from the best solution as he gets hundreds of messages a day. He relies heavily on instant messenging for information from his close friends and colleagues. He’s more protective about his IM identities and therefore he gets far less spam over IM than via email or other social avenues.

Instead of suggesting a solution for managing all the traditional and social media content, McCracken offered up a tip to try to respond to things immediately. It’s worth it to take that immediate moment to take action. If he puts a request off it’ll roll off his list of things to do. Continue reading