May 22, 2013

Find your voice in the social media crowd

Photo courtesy of Grant Neufeld (Creative Commons)

How enemies, unfollowers & churn can be a good thing

Chris AbrahamEvery other week I like to remind you that you’re being a social media wuss. And, by wuss, I mean you’re being too much of a social media “nice guy”; spending too much time worrying about what others think. You spend too much time trying to get everyone to like you. You’re always afraid of stepping on toes or offending anyone. You’re especially afraid of getting fired. If you’re honest with yourself, that’s your biggest fear: losing your job if you’re an employee, or losing (or alienating) your clients (or prospects) by doing something as revolutionary as having a voice, an opinion, an agenda, or a point of view. Heaven forbid.

Here are three signs that your social media shout isn’t really getting heard. Continue reading