November 1, 2012

Guide to events & conferences in December

A scene from Le Web London this summer. The original Le Web, in Paris, returns next month (Photo by kmeron on Flickr).

Ayelet NoffDecember, with all its holiday cheer, eases the pace of conferences and events in social media, marketing, and technology.

This December I’m most excited about Le Web in Paris, the city of lights, love and Internet innovation. This year Le Web will focus on how Internet-driven devices are taking over the world; just look at how much time people spend surfing “le web” on their phones. I’m also thoroughly excited for the 2012 startup competition where sixteen emerging startups will duke it out on stage. To learn more about this great conference read my take on Le Web.

For the full year, see our full Calendar of 2012 social media, tech and marketing conferences.

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March 10, 2009

Bridging gap between casual & serious gaming


Ayelet NoffThe gamer’s dilemma has always been between the quality of dedicated gaming vs. the convenience of casual flash based games. You can play Gears of War if you have the game ($80) the console ($300) and a TV ($500 for a good one) or you can play limitless flash games on limitless sites — for free — if you  happen to have a computer. But whichever way you go there will be a tradeoff: quality vs. ease of access.

Downtown Defender is a new game, just publicly launched, that bridges that divide; it is browsr based, but features true 3D graphics and it tackles one of the most popular online genres; Tower Defense. On its website Downtown Defender is described this way:

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