May 14, 2015

3 big Facebook changes that could affect your business


Add these new tricks to your business’s social media marketing toolkit

Target audience: Small businesses, marketing professionals, SEO specialists, PR pros, analytics managers, brand managers, educators, Web publishers.

Post by Megan Totka

MeganTotkaKeeping up with changes in social media can often feel like a losing battle. From algorithm updates to complex features and add-ons, platforms like Facebook often seem to be ever-evolving. There are, however, three big changes you can look forward to in the remaining months of 2015 that may be good for business. These developments not only increase engagement, but allow you to reach out to your audience in new and exciting ways.

Keep your eye out for these new additions to Facebook, and incorporate them into your social media marketing toolkit. Continue reading

December 1, 2009

How to advertise your business on Facebook

facebook advertising

A step-by-step guide — excerpted from Survival Guide Chapter 6: Social Networking

survival-guide-toDeltina HayHere is part 6 of the series I will post over the next few months based on chapters from my new book, A Survival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Optimization.

This book is meant to be a guide to building an optimized foundation in social Web for beginners and advanced users alike.

Chapter 6 of the book focuses on one of the most powerful social media strategies: social networking. These sites are incredibly effective outlets for finding new customers and readers, but if you don’t choose the right strategy, it’s easy to find your message spread thin. Below you’ll find a detailed explanation for creating and optimizing a Facebook page, as well as a Social Networking Strategy to help you prepare information and build profiles in social networking sites.

The following excerpts are from A Survival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Optimization: Strategies, Tactics, and Tools for Succeeding in the Social Web by Deltina Hay

Copyright 2009 by Deltina Hay. All rights reserved.

Creating Facebook Pages

Once you have a Facebook account and have completed your profile, log in to Facebook, and go to the “Advertising” link at the bottom of your Facebook profile page, or go directly to the Facebook business link. Continue reading