April 13, 2011

5 things you can do to spice up your Facebook Page

Ayelet NoffIn today’s age, it’s not enough for a brand to just have a Facebook business page. A brand needs to nurture its Facebook community and keep it excited and alive. A Facebook community needs to feel loved. Here are 5 ways to keep your community excited, happy and growing:

1) Run a creative contest. Think of a competition that would appeal to your community, that would mobilize them to get active with your brand. For example, on our HP page we celebrated HP’s partnership with Warner Bros. and product placement in the movie “Sex and the City 2I” by running a competition on our Facebook page where we asked people to show us the Carrie Bradshaw in them. We asked individuals to write Carrie’s column in the most creative manner possible. The entrant who would make us laugh, cry and feel the Carrie Bradshaw within would win a trip to NYC to visit all of Carrie’s hangout places.

When doing a contest, make sure to give an adequate prize and make sure your contest is run via a Facebook application — it’s against Facebook’s rules to run a contest on the page itself.

2) Mix things up with offline events for the community. Get your community to be more cohesive by inviting members to offline events. For example, we invited folks from our Facebook page to the “Sex and the City 2” movie premiere:

3) Special privileges for community members. Give your community members special privileges that others don’t have. Like a discount on products, first sneak peaks, free accessories. People love getting perks, and it reminds them why they liked your brand in the first place.

4) Use Facebook Questions. Facebook recently launched Facebook Questions. Activate the community by asking them interesting questions. Mashable wrote a good post with all kinds of tips for how brands can maximize this feature on Facebook.

5) Consistently upload interesting and relevant content. Engage with the community by uploading content that is valuable and appealing to your community members. If you’re running a cosmetics page, write a note about your top 10 facial cosmetics. If you’re running a restaurant page, give a special recipe for the holiday coming up. Provide your community members with value for being a part of your community.

With so many brands vying for our attention on Facebook, companies need to be very smart about the way they manage their social presence. A deserted or spammy community can really hurt a brand’s reputation whereas a flourishing and live community can really raise a brand’s positive awareness. Make sure to always keep up with the latest Facebook features, provide value and keep things on the move if you want to be the latter.