January 31, 2011

Ultimate guide to marketing on Facebook

brand ambassador


A step-by-step social media marketing strategy to promote your business

Note: Below is a detailed guide to help your company perform better on Facebook. Socialmedia.biz can help you with creating or optimizing your business’s Facebook presence.

Guest post by Tim Soulo

Here’s a step-by-step social media marketing strategy for promoting your business on Facebook. I’ve gathered all the best practices and tips that I have used myself, together with some tactics that I haven’t tried but am confident will work well.

First steps: Designate a brand ambassador

First of all, don’t use your personal account to promote your business, unless you want your customers to see your childhood pictures and lulz from the recent party. You can create another purely business-oriented instance of yourself or hire someone to become your brand ambassador. This will be the person who represents your business on the Web and handles all online communications, so the info on the profile should be brief and clear and all the pictures neat and professional. Remember that users will associate your business with this person.

Power tip: Create a separate email account in Gmail and import all the e-mail addresses of your clients there. Now when you use this account to create a new Facebook profile, the system will automatically find all of your clients in your address book and suggest to add them as your friends on Facebook. What a great start!

Create your Facebook Page

Promotion on Facebook is all about having a Page for your business. To create one, go to http://www.facebook.com/Pages/ and click the “+ Create Page” button.

Power tip: “Page name” is one of the the strongest ranking factors in a Facebook search. Don’t miss the opportunity to add some keywords you want to rank for as you can’t change the name of your Page later.

Configure your Facebook Page

Step 1. Profile picture & avatar

custom picture facebook

The profile picture is one of the few things in the design of your Page that you can actually customize, so be sure to make the most of it. Here are two great articles that will help you:

5 Creative Ways to Hack Your Profile Photo
Making the Most of Your Facebook Profile Picture

Step 2. Page info

The next important thing to do is fill your Facebook Page with information about your business. Most of it is stored under the “Info” tab, which you cannot remove or hide. Lots of people visit it, so work hard to make your info as brief and engaging as you can. “Think SEO” and use your keywords, as each of the tabs is indexable by Google and the other search engines.

Power tip: if you type a URL starting with http:// in the info box under your profile picture, Facebook will turn it into a clickable link. So you can easily refer your visitors to your website, blog or Twitter account.

Step 3. Applications

facebook page apps

Here are some applications to consider:

  • Static FBML (Facebook Markup Language) – allows you to create 10 additional tabs, which can contain HTML/CSS, Flash, FBML, iframes and FBJS;
  • NetworkedBlogs – allows you to post your RSS and Atom feeds directly to your wall;
  • Twitter Tab – posts your Twitter updates to a separate tab;
  • Extended Info – adds an additional box that supports html/fbml, images, video and music to the left sidebar of your Page;
  • Fan Appz & Promotions – these two apps help you handle all kinds of contests, sweepstakes & giveaways.

Power tip: You’ll probably end up with lots of tabs by adding various applications. However, you can easily drag them around to prioritize them. Continue reading