October 1, 2012

Why you should treat your client like your BFF

How to win friends and influence people — updated

Chris AbrahamJust because we’re digital and work in the cloud doesn’t mean everyone does. If I learned one thing from running my own digital, in the cloud, virtual agency, with upward of 40 active staffers, for five years, it is this: The moment I didn’t treat my client like my No. 1 Valentine is the moment I got dumped. I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but your clients don’t choose you exclusively because of your mad skills. They choose you because they like you, trust you, and want to spend time with you during their work hours. Clients choose you for three reasons: 1) to do the job 2) what hiring you says about them 3) to have a cool new work-time best friend. Continue reading

June 28, 2012

Integrity is inherent in earned media but not paid

http://www.mindjumpers.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Sk%C3%A6rmbillede-2011-11-23-kl.-5.02.52-PM.pngChris AbrahamYesterday I wrote a post called Blogger outreach is earned media not paid, right? wherein I asked if earned media was a think of the past and whether payola, pay-per-post, pay-per-link, sponsored posts, and site sponsorship were the new de facto in digital PR. This morning, Gail Gardner wrote a post in response, accusing us digital PR professional of stealing from bloggers since we agencies do get paid for doing blogger outreach only to “talk bloggers into working for free” on our behalf:

These companies want to argue they deserve “earned” media coverage when what they are really doing is BUYING that awareness by paying PR agencies to go out and sell it for them. They aren’t earning it by some good deed or being awesome – they are spending money to get a PR agency to talk bloggers into working for free on their behalf.

Continue reading

June 12, 2012

Don’t roll your eyes at social media influencers

Why insincerity doesn’t work in PR, sales, marketing & online media

Chris AbrahamI experience a lot of contempt for bloggers and social media influencers. From agencies and marketing firms as well as from self-professed social media experts and social media gurus. Bloggers and other social media online influencers may not know who Edward Bernays is or have the lingua franca of a trained communications professional, but they sure can spot the eye roll of condescension and contempt from a mile away, even through the terse messaging of a single pitch.

While the biggest brands with the biggest gifts and social cachet can get away with being douche bags and intolerable asses because the level of peer and personal prestige and importance more than compensate for bad manners, rudeness, and a condescending manner — the proverbial upturned nose and eye roll — this sort of behavior isn’t acceptable from anyone but the crown king and queen of their particular demographic. Continue reading

March 19, 2010

DaleCarnegie.com’s book giveaway & iPhone app

JD LasicaIgenerally don’t write about our social media clients — but DaleCarnegie.com has just launched its first iPhone app and, to help publicize it, they’re giving away 200 copies of the classic business book How To Win Friends and Influence People. As part of the promotion, Socialmedia.biz readers will get 10 hardcover books shipped to your house.

More on the contest in a moment, but you should know about the Secrets of Success app. Here’s the Newsroom Page that we helped build, offering background and media assets.

Dale Carnegie Secrets of Success App Tour

I do a lot of public speaking these days, so it was intriguing to hear billionaire Warren Buffett say in this YouTube video: “I was terrified of public speaking when I was in high school and college — I couldn’t do it, I’d throw up — so I took this Dale Carnegie course.” As soon as he finished it, at age 20, he applied to be a teacher at the University of Omaha “because I wanted to get in front of people.”

What’s cool about the Secrets of Success app — which, yep, I plunked down 99 cents for in the iTunes Store — is that it goes far beyond public speaking into tips and tactics for mastering workplace culture, presentation effectiveness, team member engagement, leadership development, sales effectiveness, customer service and lots more.

Embedded at top is a 90-second tour of the Dale Carnegie Secrets of Success App. It’s one of the biggest iPhone apps I’ve seen, weighing in at 127MB because of all its video components — so make sure you download it over wi-fi, not by cellular.

The app outlines basic human relations principles and shares tips, techniques and daily “confidence boosters” exclusive to Dale Carnegie Training’s well-known workshops and courses. Not every video clip hits the mark, but on the whole Secrets is a good way to sharpen your professional edge or boost your confidence to grab the next rung in your career ladder.

Want a free hardcover book?

As part of this promotion that David Spark and I are running for Dale Carnegie Training, Socialmedia.biz will be giving away 10 free copies of How To Win Friends and Influence People — which, by the way, has sold more than 15 million copies worldwide over the years and garnered 756 customer reviews on Amazon. Continue reading