August 20, 2012

Content is king: Still true in the mobile era?

Image by iqoncept on BigStockPhoto

Why native apps are vital to the Internet’s future in the mobile era

Guest post by Gal Brill
CEO, UppSite

Content is king, but in the mobile era, it will only remain king if it is optimized for mobile devices.

Bill Gates was the first to coin the phrase “content is king,” and ever since he coined it in 1996, content creators, website owners, journalists and pundits of the digital era have recited it, dissected it, argued about it or agreed on it.

In 2007 Apple completely changed the way we consume content and digital media. That year, Steve Jobs introduced the first smartphone to the world, the iPhone, and a new era was born.

The mobile era, ushered in by the iPhone and the iPad, significantly changed the amount of content, its timing and of course the method in which we consume it – the iPhone 2G, Android and Windows-based phones gave birth to millions of mobile apps and the app store empowered us to install them on those little supercomputers in the palm of our hand.

One of the aspects that was left behind in this mobile era is the Internet itself. The Internet that heralded the dawn of the information revolution and the digital age has been largely neglected in the age of mobile. And when you really think about it, there is no surprise here at all. Continue reading