July 16, 2009

Survival Guide Chapter 2 Overview

Deltina Hay Here is part 2 of the series I will post over the next few months based on chapters from my book, A Survival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Optimization.

This book is meant to be a guide to building an optimized foundation in the Social Web for beginners and advanced users alike.

smbcover100Chapter 2 of the book is about preparing the content you will need to implement your Social Web strategy. It will assist you in preparing and gathering content as well as optimizing it for maximum exposure and mileage in the Social Web.

The following excerpts are from A Survival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Optimization:

Chapter 2: Preparation

Once your strategy is in place, use it to prepare the content you will need for implementation. Try to resist the urge to just “wing it.” Proper preparation of your descriptions, biographies, and other blurbs will greatly increase your exposure in the Social Web. …

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