June 12, 2013

Content marketing: The secret to getting discovered in search


Or: Why organizations need to tell their stories

Target audience: Marketing professionals, brands, businesses, SEO specialists, social media strategists.

JD LasicaContent marketing — a term that would have drawn blank stares just a few years ago — is now becoming recognized as a principal way for any small business, mid-size company or large corporation to get its message out.

Done right, content marketing can help an organization tell its story, directly and without filters. And for brand marketers, content marketing has become a key component of today’s marketing toolkit. How better to get discovered in a Google search than to create highly relevant content relevant to that niche audience?

I was interviewed, along with marketer Greg Jordan, about content marketing for organizations at a new podcast from the Content Marketing Examiner moderated by publisher Martin van der Roest. And while some of the discussion centers on nonprofits, it’s applicable to any kind of organization or business.

Here’s our conversation:

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February 25, 2013

The power of content marketing for business

Image by 10ch (Creative Commons)

Valuable content gives companies a leg up on the competition

Target audience: Marketing professionals, SEO specialists, businesses, brands, Web publishers.

FM_Valuable_Content_Marketing_234x156 v5.inddEditor’s note: Quality content has always been a hallmark of quality websites. In “Valuable Content Marketing,” a new book by Sonja Jefferson and Sharon Tanton, the authors provide a deep dive into content marketing to explain how businesses can create high-quality content that targets your customer base and elevates your site’s ranking in search engine results. Here’s an excerpt from their book.

Guest post by Sonja Jefferson and Sharon Tanton

With potential customers being inundated with companies’ marketing efforts, standard marketing practices and mediocre content is quickly dismissed by most audiences; buyers no longer tolerate or respond to marketing that is less than good. To stand out, content should be truly valuable, providing a unique, educational, and perhaps even inspirational element to readers. In short, it should be content they appreciate — content that is generously shared and willingly received. Continue reading